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Nice to meet you.

My name is Jarrett Stanley. I've had the priviledge of serving as a thought leader, marketing executive, creative director for some of the top companies in the home lending industry. Developing brands to their full potential alongside great people is what I live for.

Jarrett Stanley

Building brands is what I do best.

Good branding should feel like a well-crafted story that resonates with the right audience. And while there are many factors that go into crafting the correct narative, it's just as important to back up messaging with action and consistent client satisfaction. I've found success doing just that in multiple formats including digital, print, web and mobile.

Clear Vision

Breaking down high level goals into quantifiable team efforts turns projects that seem daunting into on time deliverables.

Creative direction

By being thorough and with the teams I work with, the end result is guaranteed to hit the mark, creatively and logistically.

Diverse Skill Set

Having hands-on experience in design and development allows me to lead from a place of empathy and authority.

Strategic Partner

By factoring ROI and logistics into my work, I build campaigns and products that perform as well as they visually look.


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group - Rebrand

  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Branding

A highlight of my career was working with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group on their extremely successful rebrand in 2013. Their new look has shifted a once small, local brand into a formidable market leader with national potential.

Download the Brand Guidelines


Southern Trust Mortgage Rebrand

  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Art Direction

Our internal creative team was tasked with creating a fresh ne berand identity for Southern Trust Mortgage. We incorporated the core values of Simple, Creative, and Consistent into a modern, stand-alone icon that is certain to boost brand recognition and awareness. Project completion scheduled for Q1 2018

Download the new brand presentation


Atlantic Bay Stories

  • Creative Direction
  • Photo/Video
  • Web

I was challenged to lead a team to develop a digital and print recruiting campaign. Based on stories from Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group employees, this all-encompassing campaign served to highlight that Atlantic Bay’s success comes from their people.

View The Stories Website

Employment history

Vice President of Marketing
Southern Trust Mortgage (2016-Present)

Southern Trust Mortgage is an established mortgage lender that spans the east coast with more than 30 offices. While offering competitive pricing, portfolio products, and compensation was enough to get Southern Trust to profitability, they wanted to stay relevant and attract new talent to grow in new markets. I was brought in to develop their brand, marketing platforms, and provide much needed structure to their team and efforts.


At Southern Trust, I operate much like a CMO. I collaborate with my executive stakeholder colleagues to determine goals for each quarter. My team and I then translate that into actionable projects and run them through an Agile development process. I am also responsibility for managing the department’s budget, my direct managerial reports, as well as make any decisions regarding hiring/termination, resource investment, and infrastructure/systems.

  • Leading highly anticipated rebrand launching in Q1 2018
  • Added photo and video capabilities and standardized programs to the department
  • Created sophisticated marketing request and ticketing system that enabled service levels to be created. This allows for measuring output per marketing team member while being able to guarantee work to the sales staff in a set time frame.
  • Added web development, digital marketing, and social media capabilities and standardized programs to the department
  • Launched a ubiquitous CRM platform for all sales staff to facilitate growth without adding department overhead
  • Implemented email and landing page campaigns for sales staff that could be spun up in minutes and connected with google and facebook ads and analytics
  • Marketing efforts lead to a record hiring year in a down economy resulting in 25% revenue growth

Creative director
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group (2011-2016)

At Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, I was responsible for all creative direction across print, web, and video mediums. I directly managed a team of 16 creatives who provide eye-catching designs with timely service to our home buyers, sales staff and professional partners in over 15 states.


I directed all brand representation for major projects. When working with agencies on partnerships, I acted as the creative representative for the company. I also built and maintained systems for creatives inside of Adobe, Sketch, and our own internal brand guidelines to ensure consistency in our look and efficiency in the time it take to produce brand compliant collateral. I acted as the technical and creative advisor for the brand to the SVP of Marketing, President of Business Development, the COO, and CEO.

  • Lead the rebranding of the company in 2013
  • Tripled market share after rebrand introduced
  • Opened more than 40 new locations nationwide
  • Saw over $3 Billion in production in 2016, the companies highest total ever
  • An increase of over 35% in sales staff
  • Voted one of the top 100 mortgage companies in the nation for by mortgage executive magazine every year since rebrand introduced
  • Voted one of the top 6 mortgage companies to work for by mortgage executive magazine every year since rebrand introduced

Sr. Graphic Designer
Movement Mortgage (2007-2011)

I worked with Movement Mortgage (then know as New American Mortgage) in all forms of branding and marketing. While I held the title of Senior Graphic Designer, I actively lead the department through its infancy (just me) to having over 15 staff members. I facilitated the growth of the marketing department as the company grew from 8 employees to over 500 with influence in multiple states. Movement Mortgage is now one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the country. Through their tremendous growth, the training and marketing systems I implemented during my time there remain in place today.


I created the aesthetic direction for the company as well as the scalable print collateral system. I also fulfilled design and creative requests from the field and worked with the executive team on putting together large initiatives, including the company's first ever market leader conference.

  • Employee growth from 8 to over 500 during my tenure. The company now has over 4,000 employees
  • Facilitated multi-state expansion in branch openings, brand awareness campaigns in new areas, and compliance/licensing
  • Scalable brand and collateral system still in use today
  • Established the culture of excellence in brand and design that Movement is known for

Highlighted skills

Continued Education
Scrum / Agile Development
Microsoft Office
Version Control / Git

I've worked with some amazing people. Here's what they've got to say about me:

Stacey Wanish

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jarrett for 3 years. He is a creative genius with an impeccable track record of creating a successful vision for our brand. Because of his vision, he was able to change the position of our company from a small local lender with an "ok" image to a national mortgage lender that is now competing with the best of the best. His strength comes from not only his vast knowledge of design and business principles, but also the respect he garners from his team. I can not recommend Jarrett highly enough! Not only does he excel in everything he does, he's a fantastic guy to have as part of a team."

Stacey Wanish

Vice President of Digital Strategy
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Corey Shelton

"Dedicated, innovative, skilled, proficient, loyal, and endeared leader are all common descriptors that I've frequently used to describe Jarrett. He embodies a rare form of warm, yet decisive leadership that inspires and leads others from the front through example. Jarrett's vast wealth of business knowledge and his high level of expertise in design for digital and print, UI, UX and his core and fundamental understanding of product, software, and web development, coupled with his ability to formulate plans and strategies to achieve goals and effectively execute on them is second to none. In the simplest terms, Jarrett is a leader who builds brands and grows companies into market leaders."

Corey Shelton

Founder / Lead Developer
We Are The Driven

Natalie Fowler

“Jarrett is one of the most dynamic and influential people I have ever worked for. He continually encouraged me to be a better designer and more earnest worker. His passion for crafting brands is both impressive and infectious. I’ve watched him grow exponentially as a designer, developer, leader, and business authority. If Jarrett is leading, you’re bound to see a group of fiercely loyal employees eager to create something beyond themselves — because leading people and bringing brand identities to life is what he loves most and does best.”

Natalie Fowler

Senior Graphic Designer
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

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